We know how to share roads. We must learn how to share political, work, relationship, and other ideas with each other.

Driving is full of risks. We manage those risks with “smart driving”, which includes public education, corporate support, and community standards. We must translate and bolster these proven smart driving ideas and use them to help us manage our everyday conversations.

Instead of teaching smart driving attitudes, we must inspire everyone to understand and respect others. We must develop habits to constantly learn more about people, and learn about more people. We must learn how to see ourselves in others, and to see the best in others. Instead of teaching people to yield and check their blind spots, we need to teach people to listen, and check their biases.

We all understand how patience and intelligent behavior on the roads can prevent accidents and get everyone moving. We must apply that same framework, together with the right tools, to our most important conversations. Only then can we avoid gridlock and conflict, and move forward together, in politics, at work, and in our personal lives.

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