“Thank You for Listening is an invaluable self-improvement guide, highly recommended especially for any reader striving to make friends, enhance the quality of their current professional and personal relationships, and network.”
The Midwest Book Review

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Interview with SomeoneToTellItTo
Interview with Shep Cohen on WDVR FM.
Interview with Sharkie Zartman on SHARKIE’S PEP TALK
Interview with Bonnie D. Graham on Read My Lips
Interview with Brian Greenberg on WNJC 1360AM
Interview with Bob Cudmore on Lite 103.7 FM WVTL

Comments for “Thank You for Listening”

“Wonderful and beautifully written, thank you!”

“It’s easy to read and it’s very informative. It has to be a must read for one of those executive training classes.”

“…provides practical advice related to better listening…”


Marc Wong is a listening expert and author of “Thank You for Listening: Gain Influence & Improve Relationships, Better Listening Skills in 8 Steps”. He used to be a computer consultant. He was a volunteered at a telephone crisis center, until he finally realized that his life goal is to create a better listening world!