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A More Perfect Union

We know how to share roads. We must learn how to share political, work, relationship, and other ideas with each other.

Driving is full of risks. We manage those risks with "smart driving", which includes public education, corporate support, and community standards. We must translate and bolster these proven smart driving ideas and use them to help us manage our everyday conversations.

Online Counseling Services

Recently I was informed of an online counseling service called: BetterHelp.
I'm not a counselor, nor have I used online counseling services, but I do encourage people to seek the help they need. And I did find a review of BetterHelp. It seems impartial and fair-minded. You can find it here.
I encourage you to read it if you're considering this or other similar kinds of services.

Articles on Medium

In case you didn't know. I've written some articles on in the past few months.
You can find them at this link.



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