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A More Perfect Union #AMPU

Announcing the campaign to foster understanding and cooperation, to bolster the skills for all to create “A More Perfect Union”, #AMPU.

Just as motorists need to be taught how to share the roads, people need to be taught how to have productive discourses at home, in the workplace, in communities, and across the globe, in a way that saves time, money, and lives.

Online Counseling Services

Recently I was informed of an online counseling service called: BetterHelp.
I'm not a counselor, nor have I used online counseling services, but I do encourage people to seek the help they need. And I did find a review of BetterHelp. It seems impartial and fair-minded. You can find it here.
I encourage you to read it if you're considering this or other similar kinds of services.

Articles on Medium

In case you didn't know. I've written some articles on in the past few months.
You can find them at this link.



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