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Remember not to give out any identifying information.
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A great way to prove that we are listening and to engage a speaker is to ask good questions. Help the speaker talk things out and think things through. The goal is to avoid giving direct advice, but to encourage exploration and discovery. What questions would you ask in these different scenarios?
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In order to imagine what someone else is going through, we need to do our best to understand the reasons for their actions. With any given activity, what are the goals? What is the context? What are the constraints, choices, compromises? And how does it feel to have to make decisions within this activity?
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Practice giving people ideas, specific praise, and constructive feedback. Remember not to reveal identifying information if you talk about projects at work.
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Remember that a Counselor challenges and guides you in a compassionate way to accept, learn from, and overcome a problem. A Counselor comforts, supports and encourages you to grow from the experience.
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