Characteristics of a really good listener

1) They care.
Their sincerity drives all their behavior. They don’t just make eye contact, they make heart contact.

2) They put your speaking, thinking, and feeling needs first.
They don’t steal your punchline or change the topic. They don’t tell you what to do. They don’t judge.

3) They’re curious and enjoy learning new perspectives.
This helps them improve.

4) They’re wise and they bring their best to the conversation.
They’ve thought about big life questions. What is love, marriage? What is right, wrong? What is justice? Why do people suffer?
They’ve thought about the luck that has contributed to their success, and acknowledged and learned from their mistakes. They’re confident without being arrogant.
This means:
4a) They’re not afraid of difficult questions and conversations, even when other people are angry with them.
4b) They’re able to celebrate, or empathize with you.
4c) They help you talk about the things you’re afraid of, the things you need to talk about. They help you ask the questions you’re afraid of, the ones you need to ask.
4d) They help you draw from your own strengths.
4e) They help you take small steps and plan.
4f) They follow up.

When I grow up, I want to be a good listener!