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Listening is like good health

Listening is like good heath. You only realize its importance when you don't have it. And just like good health, good listening usually doesn't just happen without effort.
In fact, healthy habits depend on education and awareness, and often involve lifestyle changes. To improving our listening, we have to do the same thing. We have to start by educating ourselves and learning more about listening. Then we have to set goals and slowly improve our listening habits.

Listening and Observing as a Coach

Listening is an important skill for coaches.

One day I found myself explaining the phases of the moon to a child. We were sitting in front of the computer at night and I got an idea. I turned off the lights in the room, leaving the monitor glowing in front of us.

I told the child to imagine that the monitor was the sun and that he was the earth. I became the moon and orbited around him. I told him to observe how the light changed across my face as I circled him.

What is listening?

What is listening? What does it mean to listen to someone else? The question seems simple, but the answer is actually quite complicated. Here are some ways we listen, together with some of the characteristics:


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