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How to show you're listening by asking good questions

Some time ago, my fiance (now my wife) and I went to the jewelers to shop for an engagement ring. The two of us sat behind the counter while the salesman explained the different diamonds to us.

Now, throughout the salesman's presentation, I was pretty quiet. In fact, my fiance told me afterwards that I was so quiet, she thought I got bored and had fallen asleep! I don't blame her. Jewelry usually does that to me.

It wasn't until I started asking questions that she realized I was still "there".

3 Keys to Better Listening Habits

What steps would you take to improve your exercise habits? Or your eating habits?

You might do the following to improve your exercise habits:
1) Give yourself little reminders and rewards to exercise.
2) Take a class. Watch some training videos so you can learn new ways to exercise.
3) Go exercise.

Advertisers use listening to promote image

Being heard makes customers feel warm and fuzzy. This is not lost on advertisers:

Prudential launches new "Listening" branding campaign - largest campaign in its 85 years history in Asia - 20 November 2009


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