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When to Listen?

Grease is added to gear wheels to facilitate movement and to prevent wear and tear.

Discussions are a little bit like gears in an engine.

Ideas are brought forth. Then our imaginations put them into motion as we ponder the consequences.

"We need resources to solve these problems."
"Money is tight. Can we reallocate funds or adjust our goals?"

In a good discussion, ideas mesh, propel each other, and move the enterprise forward.

What is Listening?

Listening is a rich and varied activity. There are many kinds of it. For example, you might close your eyes and immerse yourself in your favorite music. You might even lose yourself and start dancing. Contrast this with listening to an unhappy customer or an upset spouse. It's like day and night, isn't it? In between these two extremes are a whole spectrum of activities that involve sound impinging on our eardrums.

You can’t always fix the obvious, but you can always listen

Recently I saw a short video called, “It’s Not About the Nail” by Jason Headley.

It’s a Staff Pick on the popular video sharing site vimeo. Go ahead and watch it, then come back and read the rest of this post.

The video shows a man, played by Jason, struggling to just listen to a woman, played by Monica Barbaro. As Monica continues to talk about various symptoms, Jason tries very hard not to provide a fix, a solution.


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