Anti-Spam Policy

We never send unsolicited commercial emails (“Spam”). makes every effort to maintain its compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act and similar requirements. We only use permission-based email and never intentionally send unsolicited email to anyone.

This Policy describes the policies of (the “Site”) with regard to email and related marketing. We will never knowingly or intentionally send email that:

1. Contains false or misleading information in the subject line;
2. Contains false or misleading information in the body;
3. Uses or contains forged or invalid headers;
4. Uses or contains invalid or non-existent domain names, or any domain name from which we are not authorized to send mail; or uses, accesses, or otherwise relays from or through a third party’s equipment, without permission;
5. Misrepresents, obscures, or hides information that properly identifies the origin and/or the transmission of the message;
6. Includes deceptive addressing or links to sites with deceptive, malicious, or inappropriate content; or
7. Violates our Terms of Services.

You agree that any e-mail sent, or caused to be sent, to or through the Site must not do any of 1-7 above. will never use email harvesting, mining or other automated collection of e-mail addresses from the web or other resources or where we are not authorized.

Nothing in this policy grants any right to transmit or send e-mail to, or through, the Site or services connected therewith.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, there may be instances where you send email to or through the Site or services. Distribution or delivery of any unsolicited bulk or unsolicited commercial e-mail (“Spam”) through the Site or using any connected services is strictly forbidden.

You agree that you will not use or attempt to use the Site or services to send Spam. You also may not deliver Spam or cause Spam to be delivered to us or our visitors, customers, members, subscribers, or commenters.

As a user, you are also not authorized and agree that you will not use our site or services to collect, compile or obtain any information about our visitors, customers, members, subscribers, or commenters, including but not limited to e-mail addresses. Please also refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If we detect or suspect unauthorized or improper use is being made of our website or services, we may choose to block messages from any internet domain, mail server or IP address, or block or terminate any user or account we believe is transmitting or is otherwise connected with any e-mail that violates this policy.

Our failure to enforce this policy in every instance does not amount to a waiver of our

Unauthorized use of our website or services in connection with the transmission of unsolicited e-mail, including the transmission of e-mail in violation of this policy, or access to our email servers, may result in civil, criminal, or administrative penalties against the persons accessing the server or transmitting the email, as well as those paying or otherwise assisting the sender.