Excerpt from Curiosity Seekers

One of the most iconic and lucrative series in television history is the Star Trek series. The original show with its now famous cast first aired in 1966. It featured stories of a crew of mostly human explorers encountering alien civilizations and their strange customs, and skillfully reflected our own values and problems in the process.

To Listen

To listen

Is to allow someone to exhale as the tears roll down their face.
Is to hear the notes before they become a song.
Is to gently say, “Go on…”
Is to read someone’s message in a bottle.
Is to be soundtrack to someone’s movie.
Is to ask good story questions.
Is to be silent.
Is to put someone else’s speaking, thinking, feeling needs first.
Is to be human to someone else’s story.
Is to allow someone to be heard.

Movies and Listening

Movies and listening are both forms of human communication. This leads to some interesting insights. See how that works out when you're listening to a grieving person in my guest blog on Karen Kaplan's Offbeatcompassion blog:



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